Website Design for Online Consulting

Here is one of our most recent website creations, a web design for online consulting in Zaragoza. This company requested a quote from us to create their consultancy; after studying several designs, we opted for a current web page with different points discussed in detail below.

Features of the online consulting website design:

  1. Responsive design: As you know, one of the must-haves in our designs. Google is penalizing all websites that don’t update their structure to adapt to smartphones and tablets. If you have an outdated site, don’t hesitate to update it for mobile devices. We have performed numerous updates for the websites of several businesses and the change to responsive design has made their search engine position improve, even surpassing the competition.
  2. Image slider banner: As a completely current design, we added a slider to the header with changing images that gives a dynamic feeling to the online consulting web page.
  3. Structure, tabs, forms: We opted for simplicity and clarity in the design. A very important point since an optimized structure and simple, clear content gives the customer the information they need both on the home page as well as while navigating the site.
  4. Easy to use control panel: Additionally, it has a self-managed control panel so that our client doesn’t have to depend on us if they need to update images, text, logo, etc.


Importance of an updated web page

At our company, we create updated websites according to the latest recommendations from Google and our web designers and programmers. Having an updated website will give you better ranking in search engines.

A clean code structure is also important for better performance. Being able to open the site in just a couple of seconds ensures that you won’t lose customers.